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4 Quick and Easy Shoe Storage Solutions

Now that 2019 is well underway and our New Year’s resolutions are officially set, many of us are faced with the left over clutters from the holidays. However, before you throw in the towel on your resolution of being more organized; we have a few simple ways to make sure your New Year’s resolution is accomplished, starting with the most important item – your shoes!

Store in Plastic Drawers

Don’t have the time to build shelves for your abundance of shoes? No problem! Simply take plastic drawers and store your shoes in each drawer. This way, you can find your favorite shoe by simply sliding the plastic drawer open!

Use Pant Hangers to Hang Boots

Out of all shoes boots always take up the most space. This can lead to a bigger issue during the fall and winter months when you’re cycling through all of them. Simple Fix:  Take your pant hangers and hang them in your closet! This way they are no longer a tripping hazard laying all over the floor.

Use a Curtain Rod to Hang Heels

A closet can be a fashionista’s sanctuary, but also her worst nightmare when trying to find her favorite pair of heels. To end this nightmare, get a curtain rod and hang it in your closet. This simple project will create a new and organized home for your heels to be hung on!

Place Hooks by Doorways

Always in a rush and can’t seem to find that lucky pair of shoes when you need them? Simply attach a few hooks by your doorway – and ta-da! you will have your shoes at arm’s reach every time you leave the house. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your wet, snowy shoes dirtying your front entry way.


What do you think of these storage solutions? Do you have any other good shoe storage tips? Tell us in the comment section!