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What Your Shoes Say About You: Men

Yesterday we looked at what guys think of women and shoe choices.

Man With Red Shoes
Styling in Red Crocs?

Today, the tables are turned. It’s time to get some insight for the guys.

I asked some women for help on this one. There was no holding back on this one. The girls shared what they really think of guys and their shoe choices.

Guys, it’s time to pull up a chair to the computer, grab a cup of coffee and get ready for some priceless insight. The next time you’re out looking for a pair of shoes you’ll be wise to remember this advice.

Here is some great insight into what women think of men and their shoes.

What Women Think of Your Shoes

Again, we’ll keep this relevant with summer shoes.

If you’re reading this, ladies, and you have some insight to add, please do. We need all the help we can get in this area.

Puma Epic

Puma Epic


Becky: “This guy is casual/sporty and probably younger. He has a decent amount of confidence in himself to wear such a stand-out, bright color. This could either be good or bad. Worn with the right outfit, these shoes would look great. Worn with the wrong outfit, I would be wondering what he was thinking when he got dressed that morning.”

Pepsi: “More of a metro guy, not afraid of fashion – bold, knows what he likes.”

Laura H: “Might be a college guy that hangs out at the beach with a big group of friends…plays beach volleyball…is athletic, outgoing and likes to have a good time…his confidence could come across as being a bit cocky at times!”

Laura S: “Beach Jock. This guy is casual, laid back and very low maintenance. He spends a lot of the time on the beach. I picture this guy kicking these flops off and running to catch the football his buddy just threw…?? Haha”

Jessica:: “Could be 14 or 40, this guy doesn’t have a care in the world.”

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Reef Fanning

Reef Fanning


Becky: “This guy would be more athletic/outdoorsy – and care less about fashion. While other Reef sandals are more casual with a laid-back fashion vibe, this definitely has an athletic feel. He is probably a rugged outdoorsman type who cares less about short-term trends.”

Pepsi: “Totally laid back, fun guy who likes to hang out. Likes the quirky cool not the obvious cool. This guy knows how to play beer Pong!”

Laura H: “Might be an outdoorsy guy that likes hiking in the summer near the water (i.e., rivers, streams, woods, lakes)…doesn’t care so much about the brands he wears or what he looks like…he dresses for the elements instead of the trends…he likes camping too and enjoys an ice cold beer under the stars with crickets chirping in the background!”

Laura S: “Surfer Dude. This guy is adventurous and not one to sit still for a while. He’s probably a surfer during the day and goes well into the night with his friends.”

Jessica:: “Party boy… want to know where the action is at? Follow this guy.”

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Teva Mush Frio Slip

Teva Mush Frio


Becky: “Any guy wearing this shoe would seem earth conscious and socially aware. He would like to hike, kayak and camp.”

Pepsi: “This guy is fit and likes adventure, outdoors and helping the environment. Loves nights by the campfire and a cold drink!”

Laura H: “Might be a laidback guy that dresses for comfort…is conscious about the environment and is politically aware/active…if he is in college, he’d be the one leading all of the organizations because things like that don’t stress him out…if he’s a young dad, he is really engaged with his children…”

Laura S: “Green hipster. This guy is very chill and laid back. A little bit on the hippie side. Mello, but confident.”

Jessica:: “Offbeat and easygoing.”

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Timberland Kia Wah Bay

Timberland Kia Wah Bay


Becky: “I love, love love boat shoes on guys. The guy wearing this would be fashionable, but not overly so. He is very casual, laid-back – but might put a lot of effort into looking this way. It’s very cliché, but boat shoes make me think the guy actually knows his way around a sailboat.”

Pepsi: “This to me is a preppy guy or an older guy. He likes Khaki’s and Polo’s and can still rock a windbreaker.”

Laura H: “Might be a preppy guy that has Sunday outings with his family…wears a sweater tied around his shoulders and his shirt always tucked in…could be afraid to get his hands dirty…does things that are outdoorsy (i.e., boat rides in the sunshine), but nothing that could make him work up a sweat!”

Laura S: “Golf Dad. This guy just finished a round of golf and is heading home in his minivan for his daughters T-ball game.”

Jessica:: “Preppy and proud.”

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Born Harding

Born Harding


Becky: “Saddle shoes have a hard time finding a place in summer fashion. This guy is probably pretty preppy. Hopefully he is sporting these with dress pants and not a pair of shorts.”

Pepsi: “Did someone take these out of my dad’s closet? This is a straight laced mature man who has money and likes comfort.”

Laura H: “Might be a young retro guy that has black-framed glasses and traditional/conservative manners…or could be an older guy that tells the stories that always start with, Back when I was your age…”

Laura S: “Confident Worker. This guy is confident, enjoys fashion and very intelligent. He’s practical and enjoys his career.”

Jessica:: “Conservative with a side of quirky cool.”

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Image Credit: Lee Coursey