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Your Shoe Horoscope


This month you will get tons of compliments – starting with this wedge! You are a natural-born trailblazer, and you don’t fall short in the world of fashion. Step into this statement-worthy sandal and spark some chemistry!


You will be faced with a big decision this month. You are extremely intuitive, and the emotional heart of all Zodiac signs. As might be expected, you won’t make the decision lightly, but you will make the right one. This effortless bootie will be an easy, stylish option while staying focused.


This month will be full of surprises – some good and maybe some that aren’t so good. Being ambitious in spirit, you are favored to pull through. Make this transition easier on yourself in this goes-with-anything slide.


All your hard work will finally pay off this month. You are a leader at heart, and a go-all-day sort of person. Commemorate your victory with a bit of relaxation. Step away from your work schedule, and practice self-care in this cushy slide.


L-O-V-E is in the air this month, and this is the perfect shoe to make them blush! Ruled by the planet of Mercury, you desire strong and personal connections. Be prepared to find your missing half, falling head over block heels with the one.


Something exciting is in the works this month. As a Virgo stylista, fashion is undoubtedly an extension of your personality. Be ready for anything the universe is directing your way in this fierce leopard-print heel.


Your month will be filled with high energy – take advantage of it! Naturally, you prefer equilibrium, so you’ll attempt to balance this surge by staying active. Pound the pavement in this athletic sneaker.


Be ready for a whirlwind of change this month. As a perfectionist, you may be weary of the adjustments at first. It is forecasted that everything will work out for the best, so lace up and take a leap of faith in this sporty-chic sneaker.


An old relationship will resurface this month. Like this cozy sneaker, you prefer to stay inside your comfort zone, and the relationship is a familiar place. Rekindle an old flame in this wear-anywhere slip-on shoe.


Be open to trying new things this month. You are an intellectual with a wild imagination. Explore this area in your life, and stumble (or strut) upon a new hobby in this Art Deco-inspired wedge.


Adventure awaits this month. As a thrill seeker, adrenaline junkie, and born adventurer, you will find yourself in your element. Survive and thrive in this wear-all-day sandal, offering a secure fit.


Opportunities within your career will arise this month. As you climb the ladder of success, make sure you are wearing appropriate footwear – this pump, of course! See your dream job from a different view in a brand-new heel height.