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Shoe Trend 2011: Men’s Boat Shoes

When the forecast is 72 and sunny there is nothing better than hitting the lake.

Blue Ocean SailingSummertime is officially here with Memorial Day Weekend. People all over the US will be heading for cabins, camping sites, and a few hot spots on the lakes. I know here in Wisconsin there will be plenty of time spent boating, swimming, and simply enjoying the clear waters and sandy beaches.

I love when summer hits. It means we can finally put away all the winter clothes – jackets, flannel, and boots – in favor for the summer fare – linen, shorts, and even boat shoes.

Yes, it’s boat shoe season and make ensure you have the latest in boat shoe fashion for 2011 here are a few of the top trends this summer.

Mens Boat Shoes 2011

There are a few interesting styles happening with mens boat shoes right now. Boat shoes have always been popular, but last summer the trend picked up steam again with guys in their teens and 20s. Boat shoes are at the top of the list for a lot of guys and the trends reflect the different occasions for boat shoes.


An interesting trend this year is the increase in laceless boat shoes. It’s a neat little trend in boat shoes. In the summer there is always the addition of casual to most fashions. Taking out the laces is nothing new for some seasoned boat shoe wearers, but the trend is picking up the pace in 2011 with more styles coming without laces right out of the box.

Born Marlin

Born Marlin

Shop: Born Marlin

It’s all about comfort with this style from Born. The laces are gone and the level of comfort is up. The upper is brown leather and for a leather boat shoe you can’t beat the price. This one goes great with khaki shorts or even a pair of jeans when the temperature cools in the evening.

Sanuk Shore Leave

Sanuk Shore Leave

Shop: Sanuk Shore Leave

Sanuk is a fun company. They specialize in quirky yet comfortable shoes. Here is one of their latest offerings and it comes in the form of a boat shoe. The upper is leather for durability. The sockliner is actually made of EVA for the ultimate in comfort. For comfort, you need to find a pair of Sanuk. They rule the summer shoe scene.


The distressed looks is nothing new, but I thought it was interesting to see the over-casual look in boat shoes for 2011. The style often involves roughed up looking canvas mixed with the faded out leather.

Crevo Kahn

Crevo Kahn

Shop: Crevo Kahn

Crevo is in the boat shoe game in 2011. here is what I’m talking about with the distressed look: faded out leather accents with roughed up looking canvas. It’s a great look for summer casual cool.

Dark Colors

Here was an interesting trend I noticed – dark colors for boat shoes? Typically boat shoes have always been light – white bottoms with perhaps a little color in tan or navy. Now there are even some blacks and grays showing up to the boat shoe party.

Reef Deckhand 2

Reef Deckhand 2

Shop: Reef Deckhand 2

Reef knows how to make comfortable sandals. With the Deckhand 2 they’re bringing sandal comfort to a boat shoe styled slip-on. The style comes in gray on black. The overall design is what a boat shoe is and the sole is even made for wet traction for those slippery situations on the boat this summer.


Leather is a classic boat shoe attribute. You can never go wrong with a pair of nice looking leather boat shoes. They go with everything in the summer.

Clarks Newton Highlands

Clarks Newton Highlands

Shop: Clarks Newton Highlands

You’ll see variations of this classic brown boat shoe everywhere this summer. Guys in their 40s and 50s have been wearing them for years. Today, even the guys in their teens and 20s are wearing them. The boat shoe trend transcends generations.

Blue Ocean Sailing image courtesy of nattu