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Shoe Trend 2011: Men’s Canvas Shoes

Summer is here!

Canvas ShoesAnd with summer comes the changing of fashion. As the temps heat up the clothing comes off. Well, in a sense the clothing comes off as we shed those heavy garments for those more suited for warm temperatures.

In footwear, the summer brings out the classic styles in sandals, flip flops, and casual shoes. For the casual shoe category it means goodbye to some of the heavy leather and hello to the more comfortable and laid back canvas shoes.

Canvas shoes have been around for some time.

You may remember watching the classic movie The Sandlot as a kid. The little leaguers in the film knew they needed a pair of PF Flyers to beat the beast across the fence when they had to steal their baseball back.

For men, canvas means summertime.

Here are a few of the more updated classic canvas looks you can get for your own needs this summer.

Men’s Canvas Shoes 2011

Don’t get caught with sweaty feet. Check out the latest in canvas shoe style for 2011.

Reef Soul

Reef Soul

Shop: Reef Soul

Reef owns the summer. When it comes to shoes and sandals there is nothing better than a pair of Reefs. This slip on has all the great comfort of a sandal. It’s lightweight canvas with plenty of breathability so you’re cool and laid back no matter where you go. Slip these on when you head to the beach or to the concert this summer.

Skechers Canvas Slip-on

Skechers Canvas Slip On

Shop: Skechers Canvas Slip-on

The insole of this canvas shoes from Skechers is cushioned and ready for wear with or without socks. Who needs socks in the summertime? Keep those feet out and enjoy the weather. This updated canvas shoes from Skechers is ready to go with you on any summer adventure. Take them to the movies on Saturday night or to the company picnic on Sunday.

Tommy Hilfiger Phoenix Plaid

Tommy Hilfiger Phoenix Plaid

Shop: Tommy Hilfiger Phoenix Plaid

Tommy Hilfiger is known for preppy style. The canvas shoes has always been a little preppy, but it’s also got the laid back feel for the beach or the coffee shop. This plaid style is updated to ensure all the modern comfort while maintaining the classic look that goes with other summer apparel like khakis or shorts.

Timberland Canvas Desert Boot

Timberland Canvas Desert Boot

Shop: Timberland Canvas Desert Boot

For the guys that needs boots there is no better option in the heat than a pair of canvas boots from Timberland. These boots are durable enough for medium action while still being lightweight enough to keep you from getting exhausted. Canvas makes things easier on your feet in the hot weather. These boots were designed to be worn in the heat and even if you’re just looking to make a fashion statement there is nothing more masculine than these boots.

PF Flyers Center Lo

PF Flyers Center Lo

Shop: PF Flyers Center Lo

You know I couldn’t leave off the Flyers after mentioning them. 🙂

These shoes are classics for summer. Kids and adults have worn them for decades and they seem to never go out of style. Head to the local ball field and you’ll probably see a father and son wearing matching pairs. Head to the local barbecue and you’ll see a guy in his 40s wearing these while grilling while kids climb trees nearby wearing some Flyers. They’re perfect for summertime fun.

Canvas Shoes image courtesy of dno1967b