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A Night of Crazy Dreams Come True

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Although I have been a fan of country music since I was in elementary school, I have to say I am loving it even more now. The whole genre is expanding into new areas, with unique talent leading the way. Two of my favorite forces behind these changes had big nights Wednesday at the CMA awards in Nashville.

Taylor Swift raked in the winnings, walking away with awards for Music Video, Album, Female Vocalist, & Entertainer of the Year. I know some people were shocked that she was able to pull off wins in so many categories, but I wasn’t. She is an amazing artist, songwriter and role model, and is equally talented at live performances. She is also a surprisingly good comedian, as showcased by her appearance on SNL last weekend. You can’t ignore the crossover power of this songstress.

LuichinyMaaa (2)
Luichiny Caliente Maaa Velous Boot

I also loved Carrie Underwood’s gig as host for the evening. Although she didn’t walk away with any awards, she did an awesome job co-hosting the awards with Brad Paisley. I especially loved their performance of classic country songs towards the beginning of the show. She also scored, by far, the best performance of the night with ‘Cowboy Casanova.’ (Check out the different black shoes the backup dancers are sporting – LOVE IT.)

Rampage Quattro Boot
Rampage Quattro Boot

Carrie brought her own personal style to the awards, sporting a new outfit pretty much every time she stepped back on stage. As usual, she did not disappoint! This girl knows fashion! Take a look at Carrie leaving the David Letterman show earlier this month. I love her boots-over-leggings look. Copy the look with the Luichiny Caliente Maaa Velous Boot. Not so keen on such high heels? The Rampage Quattro Boot is for you! Each boot is available for under seventy-five dollars.