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Adam Sandler is Jack and Jill

Adam Sandler is at it again.

Adam Sandler Jack and JillLots of people love Adam Sandler movies. They can be a little ridiculous and a little outrageous. Some people even find them offensive and childish, but for movie lovers that just love going to the theater for a good laugh Adam Sandler has been the king.

Since his days on Saturday Night Live, Adam has been releasing about one movie per year. The movies of late have been big hits (Grown Ups, Just Go With It). The films have been doing well at the box office and usually allow for an audience of both adults and kids. That makes it fun when the entire family can go and have a few laughs together…even if there are a few awkward moments.

Now it appears Sandler has a new movie coming out in November – Jack and Jill.

Once again the comedy king is living on the edge of funny and ridiculous – right where people have come to expect him.

Adam Sandler in Jack and Jill

The premise of Jack and Jill is…let’s call it interesting.

Adam Sandler plays a happy family man living in Los Angeles. It’s been the common theme of a few of Sandler’s recent movies and I think it allows people to believe the role. The story and conflict arise when Sandler (Jack) has to go pick his twin sister (Jill) up from the airport. She’s coming to stay with Jack and his family for the holidays.

The trouble is…she doesn’t want to leave. She enjoys being around the family and having that interaction as compared to her probably lonely life back in New York.

And the movie takes a strange turn when we learn Adam Sandler actually plays the role of Jill as well as Jack. Some people might simply change the channel on their TV when this part of the trailer happens. But that’s ok. It’s Sandler. He’s goofy. I think it can work.

On with the premise…

Jack can’t stand that she wants to stay for longer. He’s annoyed by her and doesn’t want her around longer than necessary. Trouble happens and the situations get funny.

In the end it seems there are some heartfelt family moments and eventually everyone gets to a happy ending. I think that’s been the winning component of Sandler’s last few movies. It’s about family and friends eventually working out their differences. Audience members leave the theater with a good feeling and that’s always important.

Jack and Jill Trailer – Adam Sandler

Beyond that…I thought it’d be interesting to touch on Sandler’s fashion sense. He’s a casual guy yet that’s a big style right now…

Adam Sandler Fashion – Men’s and Women’s

As I said, Adam’s style is casual, comfortable. He’s a middle-aged guy these days chasing after kids, running errands, etc. He doesn’t really seem to care too much about what others think of him. He just wants to be comfortable with his footwear and apparel and that’s just fine.

Here are a few mens shoes Jack would probably wear and just for a fun a couple womens shoes Jill would probably like also.

Calvin Klein James Loafer

Calvin Klein James

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This casual slip-on expands on the popular look. It’s easy to take on and off as you transition from the office to home to the gym to watch your kids play ball.

Crocs Hover Slip-On

Crocs Hover

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Crocs is known for their comfortable, lightweight shoes. This new option adds a little more regular shoe look, but with the classic comfort of Crocs.

Mootsies Tootsies Fresher Pump

Mootsies Tootsies Fresher

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There is a scene in the trailer where Jill (Sandler) is wearing some wedges. These are classic black wedges that go great with work or casual outfits. Just don’t think about Adam Sandler wearing them and you’ll be fine. And now I’ve probably put that image in your mind forever.

Sofft Farisi Pump

Sofft Farisi

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This style is an updated Mary Jane with some extra details to make it stand out. It’s great for dressing up or even casual outings.