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Idol Stylist Mentions Chinese Laundry

Idol fashion continues to inspire and attract attention.

Woman SingingThings are getting tense with the singing competition. Fans are tuning in each week to see if their favorite will continue on and possible become the next American Idol.

But it’s not just the singing that’s on trial each week for the contestants. Their outfits including their shoes are up on center stage for everyone to see and critique.

So what goes on behind the scenes of the American Idol fashion world?

Recently Footwear News sat down with two of Idol’s stylists and got some fascinating insight…

American Idol Fashion

From Idol Fashion…

“American Idol” stylists Soyon An and Miles Siggins are putting fashion center stage on the hit show this season. The duo told Insider they make the most of the weekly $400 shopping budget allotted to each contestant. “We keep it resourceful, but stylish,” said An, who has costumed the female singers for the past three years. Siggins, an “Idol” vet since season two, works with the male contestants and said he’s been known to splurge on kicks. “If they’re going to wear a blazer, T-shirt and jeans, we can pull from our stock and use the $400 for a killer pair of boots,” he explained.

What brands make regular stage appearances?

Soyon An: Chinese Laundry is bringing its A-game this season with a lot of metal work and colors. Bebe has great sexy heels, and I love Aldo for wedges or simple nude booties.

So your favorite singers get $400 each week for fashion. Think that’s enough? Too much?

I love that they can sometimes spend it all on the shoes 🙂

And as for Chinese Laundry we here at The Shoe Diaries agree…Chinese Laundry shoes rock!

New Chinese Laundry Shoes for 2011

Here are three hot styles for this summer…

Chinese Laundry Hot Stones

Chinese Laundry Hot Stones

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Women are loving this rhinestoned twist on the current heel platform. It adds a bit of extra bling and glitz to the classic dress shoe. Great for big events and parties this summer.

Chinese Laundry Dreamland

Chinese Laundry Dreamland

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Going to a wedding or party this summer? Look fabulous in this elegant heel from Chinese Laundry. As Soyon said – Chinese Laundry is bringing its A-game this year. This new twist on the classic dress sandal is perfect for your events this summer.

Chinese Laundry De Lux

Chinese Laundry De Lux

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An elegant and sophisticated espadrille wedge. The De Lux from Chinese Laundry is perfect for casual events during the hot summer months. They’ll go great with anything – jeans, shorts, skirts. Make this your pick for date night this season.

Woman Singing image courtesy of orangeacid