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American Idol News & Rumors

It’s that time again! American Idol kicked off a new season this week. With all the new stories swirling around the latest edition of the popular singing show, I thought I would help you get a handle on all the rumors, news  and performances. Here are my top five American Idol stories of the week.

Shoe Off: Ryan Seacrest versus Jennifer Lopez

Now this I find hard to believe! Jennifer Lopez appeared on Ellen this week and dished on American Idol host Ryan Seacrest’s love of shoes. According to the singer Ryan not only has a bigger entourage than she does, but also owns more pairs of shoes. Personally, I don’t think either is true – I demand a recount! Jennifer Lopez is known for her love of fashion and, shall we say, very complete lists of demands. These loves require both lots of shoes and a large entourage, don’t you think?

A Unique Hair Style

Alvin Butler, AKA Digidoo, will be showing off a unique look as American Idol moves to Nashville. The singing hopeful sports a ‘glass hawk.’ If you’re wondering what that is, you are not alone. It’s actually pretty self-explanatory – he actually attaches pieces of glass, mosaic style, to his head. Digidoo was on a Montgomery, Alabama news show this week showcasing his glass head, singing voice and dance moves. (Warning – Spoilers in Articles)

A Step Too Far?

Steven Tyler is new to the job, but he already appears to be courting controversy with a comment he made on Wednesday night’s show. The 62-year-old singer complimented contestant Victoria Huggins on her legs. Not so horrible until you consider the fact that she is 16. Not only is she underage, but she’s 42 years his junior. Sorry Steven, but I think you’re going to have to learn to draw the line somewhere!

‘Unbridled Enthusiasm… And Craziness’

I shouldn’t be one to judge considering my own personal singing chops, but I’m not sure I understand quite how Ashley Sullivan fits into the American Idol equation. She’s not shy and has a very strong (read: loud) voice. Perhaps with some promised help from Steven Tyler, she’ll clean up the rough edges and prove to be a strong contestant.

Brett Loewenstern’s Audition

Wow! I’m loving Brett right now. His voice, his demeanor, his fun hair and his adorable family create quite the package. Plus, all coming from a 16-year-old high schooler? I can hardly believe it! His rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody was awesome, and I have to agree with Jennifer Lopez on the goose bumps. He is definitely on my favorites list right now.

Bonus: In Steven Tyler’s Words, Not Mine – ‘Delicious’

A shipbuilder with an undying love for Jennifer Lopez, a melodic voice and a penchant for removing his shirt – Jovany Barreto gets a Golden Ticket.