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Anna Faris is Styling in What’s Your Number?

There’s a new Anna Faris movie out.

What's Your Number Anna FarisAnd by all early accounts the movie sounds pretty funny and interesting. The new flick – What’s Your Number – is out this weekend. Anna Faris plays a woman that reads an article stating that woman that have had more than 20 relationships have already missed their chance at finding true love.

As you could imagine, Anna’s character gets freaked out.

So she begins her search for the best of her exes thinking she needs to find love with one of them again to really find happiness and her own true love. From the look of the trailer there should be some funny scenes in this movie. Anna Faris has always been funny. I’ve seen a few of the movies she’s been in, actually more than a few, and she always does a great job. Her characters always seem to be over the top in ways, but really caring and kind. It’s a nice mix and makes for good entertainment.

Anna Faris’ What’s Your Number Style

From the looks of the trailer it appears Anna’s character is a young. professional woman. She’s out and about in Boston wearing some of the latest fashion styles including bright colors and heels. There is a classic styling to her character yet each of the outfits has a modern twist.

Anna wears a lot of colors like reds, greens, and pinks. She’s also often found in the latest casual style like shorts and a t-shirt. She’s a common working woman and she has a classy style.

Here are a few similar styles to what Anna is wearing in What’s Your Number

Poetic Licence PeeK A Boo Love

Poetic Licence PeeK A Boo Love

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This is a fun new style for Fall 2011. The shoe has class to dress up yet still has the personality to really show your fun side. Anna has this little quirkiness about her and this seems to be the kind of heel she would wear to a formal occasion.

New Balance WR890

New Balance WR890

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When you’re getting your work out it’s still important to look good. This style from New Balance is an updated version of their classic running shoes. You can see Anna in shorts and sweats from time to time in the movie. She’s always got some styling work out shoes. Make sure to look your best when you’re out for your run this season. And you can even pick a favorite color.

Sofft Aviano

Sofft Aviano

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One of the trends this season is the clog. This slip on from Sofft is the perfect example of how clogs can be dressed up too. This one has an elegant feel and could probably be worn for events with skirts or pants. It’s a great style for being comfortable and professional at the same time. Try it out this year and see if clogs are right for you. They’re back in style.

What’s Your Number Trailer

This movie really does look hilarious. I’m going to have to check it out.