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The Avengers Take Over the Big Screen and Kids Footwear

The Avengers in Theaters Soon

The Avengers movie is a big hit.

The super hero flick is set to open stateside in just a few days, but it’s already hauled in $178.4 million worldwide. That’s a huge amount for an opening weekend for any movie.

In last few years more movies have been opening abroad before their debut in the US. This is in opposition to most Hollywood movies that open in the states and then open gradually overseas. However, as the movie industry has become more global it makes sense to release big movies in other markets first.

The Avengers has been highly anticipated for years. The movie includes the likes of Iron Man, The Hulk, and Capitain America. The Marvel characters are all assembled to fight off the bad guys in this movie. It’s a super hero fan’s biggest dream to have this movie come together finally.

And the reviews are positive. David Blaustein gave a positive review of The Avengers:

So — was “The Avengers” worth the hype, and the wait? Hell yes! As a super hero movie about familiar characters many have been waiting years to see assembled like this, “The Avengers” is a cathartic, wildly entertaining and imaginative experience that speaks to all generations of comic book fans and then some.

Are you ready to see the movie when it opens here in the US?

I think I might have to hit the theaters.

The Avengers on Kids Shoes

If you have a little Avengers fan then you’ll be happy to know there are some Avengers shoes options for the kids. They’ll be ready to save the world themselves after they see the movie and the cartoons. Now they can have their favorite heroes right on their feet.

Stride Rite Hulk Eva

Stride Rite Hulk Sandal

If the Hulk is your favorite then these are the perfect sandals for the summer. They are mean and green and ready for anything your little super hero can do on an adventure.

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Crocs Iron Man

Crocs Iron Man

Crocs Iron Man Thor

The Iron Man Crocs is all set to go. These shoes are easy to slip on and off. They are great for warm temps this summer. You can even rinse them off. They’re ready for anything your little hero can throw at them. Let the adventure begin.

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Image Credit: The Official Avengers Website