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Brad & Emily Sitting in a Tree

Image by VERY URGENT Photography

Another season of The Bachelor is officially over. Brad Womack, our lucky two-try bachelor, narrowed his choices down to Chantal or Emily two weeks ago. Although I had heard rumors from week one that Chantal would be the final girl chosen, I really didn’t believe it. Watching the season unfold, it was pretty obvious to see that despite a fourteen year age difference, Emily was the one. Low and behold, Brad did choose the southern belle single mom in last night’s emotional finale. (Catch a hilarious recap of the finale on my favorite bachelor blog!)

Although I can say that the final episode was nothing earthshattering, I was shocked by some of the details provide by the ubiquitous After the Final Rose special. I couldn’t believe that Brad & Emily had already broken up and gotten back together at least once! AND their wedding was originally supposed to take place during the taping of the episode and broadcast on national television last night, but Emily backed out?! That didn’t sound too promising to me.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that it almost speaks more to the strength of their relationship that the two have already been through such problems. What normal girl could watch a series on her current boyfriend/fiancé dating multiple women and not take issue with some things she saw? The fact that Emily and Brad are communicating about these problems makes it seem that the two are serious about their relationship. If either of them didn’t care, this would provide the perfect opportunity for one to walk away.

Maybe I’m naïve, but I have hope that this is one reality tv couple that will end up married. And for those of you worried about the happiness of the final two women dumped by Brad, fret no more. Chantal O’Brien has moved on with a new love and Ashley Hebert was just named the next Bachelorette! Her season premieres on ABC this May.

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