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Back To School Backpacks 2011: Trends, Tips, and Suggestions

Back to School 2011 Series

School Bus

Sometimes people can reuse their old backpack from last year. For many though, this is not even an option due to the wear and tear the backpack endured during the last school year. There are rips, holes, tears and that unknown stench coming from the bottom of the bag that you chose to ignore for far too long.

Many kids can deal with, or don’t even notice the raunchy smell; to them it’s more about fashion. Being seen carrying books in something that was trendy last year is basically asking for their lunch money to be stolen! I’m sure as a parent, you’ve heard every excuse there is for why your child needs to have a new backpack.

Buying a classic, durable backpack can save you from having to purchase new ones year after year. This means having a couple extra bucks in the wallet, and who doesn’t love the sound of that!?

Check out some of these backpacks which are sure to withstand all of the rough rigmarole your child is bound to put it through…

Girls Backpacks 2011

The North Face Jaunt Daypack

The North Face Jaunt Daypack

Shop: The North Face Jaunt Daypack

Stay organized with this efficient backpack! The main pocket will accommodate all of a student’s books and a 15″ laptop. The shoulder straps have FlexVent cushioning which allows for a comfortable fit all day!

Roxy World Map Backpack

Roxy World Map Backpack

Shop: Roxy World Map Backpack

If you plan on carrying all sorts of gadgets, this is the backpack for you. The main compartment has a padded sleeve to protect your laptop. Along with that, it also has a fleece lined media compartment with a cord port – perfect for your iPod!

Boys Backpacks 2011

Keen Skyline Backpack

Keen Skyline Backpack

Shop: Keen Skyline Backpack

Got a little one heading off to school for the first time? Then this backpack was made for you! This is a smaller backpack with a huge emphasis on safety. Equipped with a blinking light for visibility at night and a safety whistle buckle which is easily accessible on the chest strap will let moms worry a little less! Though smaller in size, it has enough room to fit full sized binders and schoolbooks.

DC Topp Dogg Backpack

DC Topp Dogg Back Pack

Shop: DC Topp Dogg Backpack

This skater-styled backpack is definitely what’s in for this school year – especially with the camouflage print. It’s also offered in a variety of different colors and patterns so you’ll be able to find one that suits you.

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