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Back To School Boys Shoes 2011: Trends, Tips, and Suggestions

Back to School 2011 Series

It’s back to school time once again.

PencilSummer is always over too soon (for the kids at least). Classroom bells will be ringing and kids will be running down the halls hurrying to their desks with their backpacks in tow. It’s a time of excitement for some as a new school year brings the promise of new knowledge and new experiences with friends.

And there is also the point of making sure kids have the latest styles in clothes, backpacks, and shoes.

This year there are some cool new trends in boys’ footwear. Let’s take a closer look at some of the styles you’ll see on the kids this fall as they head back to school.

You’ll be the best mom in the world when you take your boy shopping for school shoes and you’re already in the know on what to get. These are some of the fashion items he might be interested in this year.

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Back to School Boys Shoes 2011

Besides long hair (what is up with that trend always coming back in style), there are a lot of things going on with boys’ fashion. Punk is back in style. Skater style remains popular. It’s like the ’80s are back and kids are loving the looks. I don’t know if tie-dye is coming back like in 1988, but who knows.

Punk-Inspired Canvas Sneakers

The first big trend in boys footwear for the 2011 school year is punk inspired canvas shoes. Now, this trend has been adopted by various groups over the last fifty years or so. Today, it’s the punk rocker kids that seem to love wearing the classic PF Flyers, Quicksilver, and other variations of the canvas shoe.

Canvas remains light, comfortable, and fun. They come in a variety of colors so your boy can express his distinct punk personality. Canvas shoes go with jeans, khakis, and even shorts. They’re one of the best shoes for a kid heading back to school They’ll last a little while and aren’t too expensive so as to break the bank.

PF Flyers Center Lo

PF Flyers Center Lo

Shop: PF Flyers Center Lo

This classic never seems to go out of style.

Quiksilver Steinbeck

Quiksilver Steinbeck

Shop: Quiksilver Steinbeck

This is a neat little twist on the canvas shoes. It’ sure to be a winner this year.

Skater Style Shoes

There are quite a few skaters out there. It seems like the skater shoe style has been around for nearly 20 years or so and likely even longer. Back in the ’80s BMX and skateboarding were all the rage. Then things quieted down in the early ’90s only to pick back up again when the X Games debuted.

Today, skater shoes remain popular. The popular brands today include DC and Etnies. There are a few others, but these always seem to lead the way when it comes to staying on the cutting edge of cool. They’ll satisfy any skaters ambitions for footwear this school year.

DC Ken Pure Block

DC Ken Pure Block

Shop: DC Ken Pure Block

There is a little flash and style in this skate shoe.

etnies Freight

etnies Freight

Shop: etnies Freight

White rocks it this year and the classic etnies big E is always noticeable.

Big and Flashy Basketball Shoes

For the boys that love the court there are plenty of new basketball shoes to choose from this year. The NBA may be shut down (temporarily we hope), but that won’t keep the kids off the b-ball court.

The styles of today are flashing back to the late ’80s and early ’90s. I’m not seeing any bright orange pumps on the basketball shoes, but things are a little flashy and out there. It’s all about having fun and standing out today and for the b-ballers there are a couple great options to do just that.

New Balance BB891

New Balance BB891

Shop: New Balance BB891

Here is the classic flashy style you saw back in the ’80s and ’90s.

New Balance BB907

New Balance BB907

Shop: New Balance BB907

The quilted mesh upper makes this style a little different from the rest out there.


Are there any styles we missed?

Share what your kids are wearing to school this year. It would really help the other readers to know.

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