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Back to the Future Shoes – Is it 2015 already?

Is it 2015 already?

Not just yet, but according to some recent buzz on the Web there appears to be a little buzz around something that was originally set to happen in 2015. The buzz surrounds an interesting marketing campaign put on by athletic shoes company Nike.

Yahoo! News had the story at ‘Back To The Future Sneakers’ Might Become Reality…

Back To The Future Shoes

Back to the Future Video

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How awesome is that?

Back to the Future Part IIIf you’re like me you were in love with the Back to the Future series. I thought all three movies were great with the first being a classic. And I remember being a kid (in the ’90s) watching the sequel in the VCR and thinking about all the cool things we’d have by the time 2015 rolled around.

Well we’re less than four years away and there doesn’t appear to be any sign of highways in the sky or crazy metal glasses. Most disappointing, though, is the omission of hover boards from our future.

I’m going to be waiting on one of those my entire life.

But it does look like we might have some auto-lacing sneakers in the future. And it’s even a few years early. I don’t know how necessary auto-laces are these days, but it’s pretty cool. Personally I’d love the auto-drying clothes for the days I’m caught in the rain.

The sneakers will catch on, though. It seems like a new generation loves the Back to the Future movies just as much as the generations that have loved it up to this point. There’s been a revival of Back to the Future love and the sneaker news is only adding fuel to the fire.

I’ll put some hope on the shoes. It’d be cool to see NBA players like Kevin Durant sporting them out on the court. The styles of the ’80s has actually been making a comeback. There are bright colors and really high tops once again.

Maybe the folks behind the movie knew that the trend would eventually come back around?

It is worth noting that Nike isn’t the first to try this. Last year a woman made a pair of Converse shoes into Back to the Future sneakers. Pretty slick and really cool.

Back to the Future Part II Trailer