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The Dark Knights Rises in Theaters and Kids Shoes

The Dark Knight Rises
Will you go to see The Dark Knight Rises

Are you ready to see The Dark Knight Rises?

The film is sure to be the biggest hit of the summer. It’s been just a few years since The Dark Knight kind of surprised people with how well it did including the performance by Heath Ledger as The Joker. There is quite a bit of expectation surrounding the new movie, but the folks working on the film are sure to impress.

The story of the new movie centers on the emergence of the villain Bane. His character challenges the city of Gotham and brings Batman out of hiding to once again protect the city from evil. Catwoman makes an appearance and the rest of the cast is back to team behind Batman as he takes on the evil in the world to regain his place as the hero of the city.

It will be sad to see this version of the Batman saga come to an end after The Dark Knight Rises. It’s been one of the most enjoyable series in film history and it appears like it will go out on a high note.

Now, on to the kids that will love that Batman is back.

There is something about the Batman figure that makes kids want to be heroes. There is no other superhero like Batman. He doesn’t have any special powers other than the fact he’s a billionaire. Kids seem to believe that if a regular guy can turn into  a superhero than so to can they.

You’ll find great Batman gear on ShoeMall this summer including these three items for kids.

Western Chief Batman Boots

Western Chief Batman Boot

Here is the ultimate gift for your favorite Batman fan. These rain boots are ready for all the mud and adventure a kid can have this year. The Batman symbol is right on the side of the boots and the hero himself is pictured right on the top. These boots are the coolest.

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Jibbitz LED Batman Signal

Jibbitz LED Batman Signal

Does your son or daughter wear Crocs? If they do you already know what Jibbitz are. Here is the Batman signal Jibbitz. It’s great for adding on to those comfy Crocs and letting your child feel like they’re the superhero flying around saving Gotham.

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Western Chief Batman Raincoat

Western Chief Batman Raincoat

Now here is the ultimate for the Batman fan in the family. It’s a Batman raincoat that I’m sure kids will be wearing even when it’s not raining outside. It has the full costume and even the cape to make it really like a full suit that Batman wears. It’s great for playing and pretending you’re saving the world from characters like Bane and The Joker.

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Image Credit: The Dark Knight Rises