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Ben Affleck Brings Back Athletics in The Town

Ben Affleck Running StyleWho would have predicted Ben Affleck would go on to have a successful career as a director?

Somehow despite being castoff by the press and the public as an over-hyped actor with little talent, Ben Affleck has been able to resurrect his career as a director, writer, and actor. The guy who starred in Reindeer Games, Gigli, and Surviving Christmas is now respected once again among his peers and most importantly movie fans.

A few years ago the public got its first introduction to Ben Affleck the Director. The movie was Gone Baby Gone and it was an impressive debut. The movie was dark, controversial, yet innovative in its unique perspective and personality made it a modest hit at the box office and made Affleck a legitimate director.

Today Ben Affleck is riding on the success of his second directorial effort – The Town.

The movie is gritty, intense, and somehow unique in a genre full of cliche and hackneyed scenes.

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One interesting thing about the movie is the use of athletic fashion as a character trait. In the screen shot above you can see Ben and his crew completely decked out in running jackets. Sunglasses aside, this crew doesn’t need to dress up for anybody. Apparently bank robbers need running apparel so they can be as fast as possible when running from the cops.

The story goes that Affleck brought in some actual bank robbers to help keep the movie authentic. It’s likely part of the factual appeal lies with the apparel and footwear. History and movies are full of gangsters and crooks wearing nothing but comfortable clothes. They don’t have to dress up for anyone. They live life comfortably.

And if it’s done right these guys can even look cool in their athletics.

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The Town Trailer

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