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Brad & Angelina: Wedding in India?

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The last few days have been pretty sparse in new celebrity gossip, so I offer the following rumor with a large grain of salt. It appears that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may be getting married in the New Year. Various sources, including The Telegraph out of the UK and The Wall Street Journal, are reporting that the two plan to tie the knot in India. The officiant is said to be an 83-year-old Hindu priest who has allegedly helped the couple mend problems in their relationship. His love fixes for the pair include yoga, meditation and chanting.

By now, wedding bells should have rung multiple times for Brad and Angelina. There seem to be stories about the two planning a secret wedding every few months, although I can’t recall any that have gotten quite this much attention. I know the pair has talked about not getting married anytime soon, so I’m tempted to think that this will be more of a spiritual marriage than a legal one. That is if the swirling rumors do, in fact, turn out to be turn!

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As much as I wish the happy couple happiness, I have to admit that a part of my heart will always belong to Team Aniston. I’m a huge Friends fan and was pretty sad when Brad and Jen divorced. (Anyone else remember the Thanksgiving episode featuring the pair? Classic!) I sort of felt like Angelina and Brad’s relationship afterwards was disrespectful and a tad suspect. Chelsea Handler’s recent anti-Angelina rampage didn’t do the couple any favors, acting as a reminder of the otherwise toned-down scandal!

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I guess we’ll have to wait for a few weeks to find out if Brad and Angelina are really getting married in India. In the meantime, here’s a picture of the happy couple attending a movie premier together in Los Angeles. I really do love Angelina’s short and sassy sequined dress. A pair of nude pumps helps to emphasize her legs and makes them look even longer. If you want to copy this look, check out the Steve Madden Feelixx Pump.  Another fun shoe option is the Fergie Delighted Pump. It offers a little extra embellishment for those who want their shoes to stand out!