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Bradley Cooper Is Limitless in New Movie

Limitless Movie PosterWhat would you do?

The upcoming movie starring Bradley Cooper (The Hangover) and Robert De Niro (Little Fockers) is called Limitless and the latest trailer is intriguing.

The movie is about a down on his luck author. He can’t find the inspiration to finish the book he’s writing. He can’t catch a break. He drinks. He appears lazy. He’s lost in the world. Then one day a friend appears and offers him a mind altering drug. After taking the drug the main character turns into a super charged human accomplishing things as if there was no limit to his abilities.

Toward the end of the trailer we get a glimpse of the movie’s point – what would you do with all the power in the world?

It looks like a movie worth seeing. I’ll keep it on my radar come spring.

Movie Clothing and Footwear

Because I’m a little crazy I always notice the apparel in movies and trailers now. I think costume design is an important part of any movie. Costumes and apparel let the audience get a glimpse into the persona of each character. Clothes can tell us so much about people – their interests, their quirks, their attractive features, their flaws.

In the Limitless trailer we see the Bradley Cooper character struggling in the beginning. We can tell he’s struggling from his appearance. His hair is long. He’s barefoot in a few scenes on the couch. Then he hits the lotto with his magic pill and next thing you know he’s wearing high end suits and looking sharp.

Is it possible to go from barely getting by to a sharp dressed man with only a pill?

We’ll have to wait for the movie in March…

Limitless Movie Trailer