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Catch Jennifer Aniston in The Bounty Hunter

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One of my all-time favorite television shows is Friends. The name is very fitting – not only do you feel like you know the characters and are personally involved in their lives, but it’s the perfect show to watch with a group of girlfriends. I remember starting to get into the show in 6th grade with my friend Jessica, and have fond memories of watching Friends with friends all the way up to the final season during my freshman year of college.

I think it’s this love of all things Friends related that has made me take such an interest in Jennifer Aniston. From 2005’s Rumor Has It to last year’s He’s Just Not That Into You, Jennifer hasn’t been out of the spotlight very much since the show’s end – and it doesn’t look like that is going to change anytime soon! She is starring in two movies in 2010 that look to be some of her best yet.

I’ve been seeing trailers for her current flick, The Bounty Hunter, all over the place. It looks like a pretty fun concept: Couple divorces. Boy becomes bounty hunter. Girl jumps bail. Ironically, boy must bring girl to jail. It should be pretty funny, and I’m going to guess that the exes get back together in the end.

Nina Galvey Sandal

Jennifer’s ex-husband is played by Gerard Butler. Although the two have denied it, there is speculation that the two have found love off-camera as well. They have been spotted out and about, including on a recent vacation in Mexico. Maybe Jen has finally found her match!

And speaking of matches, Jen seems to have found the perfect shoes for this beautiful off-the-shoulder gown. She looks gorgeous! If you’re looking for similar footwear, take a look at the Nina Galvey Sandal. I love the girly ruffle at the heel. Not looking for a shoe in this color, but like the style? This shoe is also available in white, pink and black!