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Celebrity Style: Sergio Ramos

Microsoft Xbox One Video Game Console Launch Photocall at Plaza de Colon in Madrid on November 21, 2013
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¿Hablas Español?  ¿No? Well, do you like Fútbol (soccer)? What about gaming?

Console releases are the current talk of the town, especially after the newest releases on the market. On November 15, the PS4 was released in the US and last night was the release of the Xbox One. Both consoles had numerous people waiting in line to get the newest and greatest console around. Now it’s all about which is better – and why!

It’s not just the “Average Joe” who is getting involved in these releases; soccer star Sergio Ramos was super excited to play the new Xbox One. At the premiere in Madrid, Sergio Ramos and his friend Cesc Faregas made sure to make an appearance and test out the newest gaming console with its supposedly amazing graphics.

Ramos is the defender for the Real Madrid and Spain soccer teams. Ramos competes internationally and won the World Cups in 2010 and European Championships in 2008 and 2012. Ramos has been playing soccer all his life, so it’s no surprise that he would be eager to play the new console. I can only assume he was testing out the newest Fifa game, the Fifa 2014. Fifa 2014 features Lionel Messi from Barcelona on the cover. I’m sure Ramos was playing as himself, perhaps trying to prove that he is better than Messi, but that’s all my opinion.

When not on the soccer field, Ramos still has to look good and put together. When attending the Xbox One console release, he was sporting a light blue button up shirt, a jean jacket, and jeans with zippers. He added a black and gold watch and black combat boots to tie the whole outfit together.

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