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Dana and Lauren In Espadrilles Covering Tupac

This is one song cover I never expected.

Dana and LaurenNew country and bluegrass duo, Dana and Lauren, have taken a hip hop classic from 1995-96 and have made it a pretty good bluegrass tune. Some hip hop fans may think this is blasphemy, but give it a chance. If anything it’ll expose a few new fans to the original song.

It was back in 1995 that 2pac and Dr. Dre got together to make a big record for 2pac’s comeback. Dr. Dre had something up his sleeve and as the story goes, 2pac jumped at the chance to provide his own rap over the track Dre had created.

California Love was recorded in the fall of 1995 and released on December 28th, 1995. Throughout the next year, 1996, the song became perhaps the biggest hit for each artist. The song remains popular even today.

With the new version from Dana and Lauren they are obviously showing their respect for the song by choosing it to record themselves. The song is nothing like what it was originally, but the new twist is clever, catchy, and good. Once you get past the shock factor you realize these girls can play the hell out of their instruments.

Dana and Lauren – California Love – Video

It’s still a bit weird, though.

Taking California Love and turning it into a catchy bluegrass song is not something you see every day. These girls did it and even the video is pretty cool.

If you look closely you’ll even notice the girls are sporting some of the latest styles on their feet. Those are the hot espadrille and wedge sandals from the summer of 2011.

Dana and Lauren in Espadrilles and Sandals

Sandals are always popular in the summertime. In recent years, wedge sandals and espadrilles have been as hot as the temperature. All different variations have been released including the best of the best for the Summer of 2011. Here are a couple styles similar to the ones Dana and Lauren wore in their video for California Love.

Dana and Lauren Espadrille

Chinese Laundry De Lux

Chinese Laundry De Lux

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This style is hot right now. The fabric straps wrap around your foot and give you the stability you’ll want when wearing these great looking wedges from Chinese Laundry. These go great with any summer attire. From skirts to shorts and even jeans. These will get some looks and show you have the playful, fun style.

Sofft Tremblay

Sofft Tremblay

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This style from Sofft has the updated, contemporary look. The black straps are a little different than what everyone else will be wearing this summer. The black heel also adds a unique touch. You won’t be quite like anyone else when you hit the town in these on your nights out.

Sandal Style

Dana and Lauren Sandal

MIA Biscotti

MIA Biscotti

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It’s all in the details with the Biscotti from MIA. There is nothing quite like the espadrille outer sole and the accents of tans and browns. It looks like the perfect shoes for summer. You’ll appear sophisticated while still showing off your lighter side.