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Danica McKellar: New Book, New Baby

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Who would have guessed that little Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years would grow up to be a hot mama and a math whiz?! Danica McKellar, who played Kevin’s love interest on the hit late-80s/early-90s show, recently launched two new projects.  The first, in August of 2010, was the actress’s third book on math – Hot X: Algebra Exposed. The second, in September if 2010, was a brand new baby! On Friday, introduced the world to little Draco. The new Dad is Danica’s husband Mike Verta, a composer.

In the story Danica recounts her 36 hour, all natural labor experience.  Luckily for her, she remembers very little other than the moment she met her new son. I have to say, he is one cute little boy! Per People, the name Draco means ‘dragon’ and is also the name of a constellation. Perhaps a pair of dragon shoes would be the perfect gift for the newly extended family!

Chinese Laundry Gwenie

I used to love watching The Wonder Years when I was younger. I know the show revolved around Kevin and his family, but Winnie is the character I remember most. I was pretty young when the show was on, but I recall wanting to grow up and be in middle and high school. Later, it was interesting to see the social and political themes that I missed when I first watched the show. I would love to see this show brought back as a rerun on Nick at Nite or something similar.

Fossil Tabitha Flat
Danica has a new career to go along with her new family. She has also found success as an advocate for girls and mathematics.  According to ABC News, she studied math at UCLA – even co-authoring a paper on physics theorem. She used that experience to write three different books encouraging young girls to not give up on math.  Her latest, Hot X: Algebra Exposed, is described on her website as a tool to teach girl’s not to fear math while showing them how to conquer algebra.

Born Adele Flat

Along with being a brain, I’ve always thought that Danica was beautiful – even way back on The Wonder Years! She’s pictured above at a book signing in August. Based on her son’s birthday, she must have been about eight months pregnant at the time – making flats a very sensible footwear choice. If you’re looking for something similar try out the Chinese Laundry Gwenie Flat. (It’s a steal at only $49.95!) A more understated brown flat would work as well. If this is more your style, take a peek at the Fossil Tabitha Flat or the Born Adele Flat.