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No Two-Face for The Dark Knight Rises

Movie star Aaron Eckhart confirmed recently he will not be appearing in the movie Batman sequel The Dark Knight Rises. The star had been unsure if he would reprise his role as Harvey Dent – Two-Face in the upcoming sequel to The Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight became one of the biggest movies of all time on the performances of the actors. Heath Ledger took home a posthumous award for his acting as the Joker in the movie. The sinister character captured the attention of audiences as the character weaved his menacing plots against the hero Batman.

I thought Eckhart gave a great performance as well as Harvey Dent – Two-Face. It’s a classic character from the story and he made his character captivating. He was another reason for the movie’s success. It’s sad to see he won’t be in the sequel, but as the stories report there is much to be anticipated in the new film.

It sounds like new characters will be added and Chris Nolan and his brother always have a way of telling a story that’s unexpected yet masterful.

Things were left off in the last film with Batman as the criminal.

How do you see things ending in The Dark Knight Rises?

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