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Darth Vader Steals The Super Bowl Spotlight

Stars Wars lives!

The little Darth Vader nearly stole the show last night as the star of the Volkswagon commercial during the 2011 Super Bowl. The ad for the car maker was complete with the Darth Vader music and the little costume was a hoot.

I have to admit I didn’t remember too many of the commercials. The Packers are my favorite team and I was a nervous wreck for much of the game, but I do remember getting a kick out of this commercial.

Darth Vader Super Bowl XLV Commercial

Volkswagen Passat: Young Vader

The first thing I thought while having a laugh during the commercial was that this is exactly something my own father would do to me when I was little. I very vividly remember my dad having lots of fun when the invention of the automatic door locks came out. Panic button anyone?

It’s great when parents encourage their kids to dream big and have fun with pretend and imagination. I’m not really sure I remember too many kids dressing up as Vader though. I was more of the Han Solo kind of kid.

Either way it’s awesome to see Star Wars still hanging around pop culture. The movie must live on even today with the next generation of imaginative kids. I remember my dad showing me the movies when I was young. Even 20 years after the movie was first released I was amazed at the technology.

Star Wars Shoes

It was too long ago when I wrote about Star Wars here on the blog: Kids Still Love Star Wars.

You can still check out those shoes today. If your kids loved the commercial and love Star Wars they make for a great little Super Bowl gift.

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Captain Rex Shoes

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Clone Wars Jedi Shoes

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Bonus: Little Darth Vader Unmasked

This morning on the Today Shows the little guy under the Vader mask appeared and shared his story of the shooting for the commercial. It’s wonderful.

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Bonus #2 – Darth Vader – The Making Of…

It’s been a few days since the little Darth Vader won over fans for Volkswagon during the Super Bowl. Now there is even more footage from the Making of…

Check it out…