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David Beckham Style Update

David Beckham and H&M Introduce Bodywear Appear in New York City on February 1, 2014
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Last week was full of new commercials, football prep, and a lot of talk about who would win the big game. So how to do you get in the spotlight if you are not a football star or creating an awesome advertisement? Try looking at what David Beckham did.

On Saturday, February 1, David Beckham appeared in the New York H&M Store to promote his upcoming commercial. His appearance allowed visitors and fans to vote on which advertisement they wanted to see aired during the big game with hashtag replies: #covered or #uncovered. In the #covered commercial, David would be seen wearing full clothing, but still promoting his newest line of clothing. The #uncovered commercial featured Beckham in his underwear, while nonetheless, still promoting his newest clothing line. If you caught the commercials during the big game, you might know that #uncovered was the winner.

While in New York, David met with and signed over 200 autographs, and promoted his newest clothing line that is soon to hit H&M stores around the world. While in the store, Beckham said “It’s been really special to be partners with H&M.” (NY Daily News)

What does a former soccer player wear to this type of event? Well, anything that looks good of course. Beckham was sporting jeans, a red sweater, and a dark blue sport coat with brown distressed shoes. What a great casual yet sophisticated look!

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