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Demi & Ashton’s Exciting Night

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Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher had a very interesting story to share with the world yesterday. According to, the two were on a flight from Las Vegas to New York that ended up making an emergency landing soon after takeoff. Luckily, neither actor was injured. In fact, they both tweeted about the ordeal soon afterward!

Demi and Ashton are pictured at the event that brought them to Las Vegas to begin with – the premier of the movie Spread. Demi looks absolutely amazing in her one strap black dress – very classy and ridiculously toned. (It’s hard to believe that she is almost 47 years old!)

Jessica Simpson Badoline Pump
Jessica Simpson Badoline

The flashy shoes she chose for the evening are perfect. They add a little something extra to her outfit without being over the top. Plus, the slight platform makes it easier to pull off such a high heel. The Jessica Simpson Badoline Pump is a good choice for anyone looking to copy this style for their own exciting night out. For all the fashionable men out there, a classic black slip-on is never the wrong choice.