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Distressed and Burnished Big in 2012

Psst…there’s a secret about the upcoming styles for 2012…

Vintage FieldThere are some interesting trends coming up for Spring 2012. The merchandisers at ShoeMall have been giving me a little insight into some of the things we’ll all see next season. One of the hot trends coming up is burnished or distressed looks.

Starting in the New Year, you’re going to start seeing distressed footwear including pumps, boots, and even sandals. The classic look of worn leathers and other materials is making a comeback. Personally, I think people are taking inspiration from things like Instagram and adding a little filtration to their lives.

When it comes to feet I think it’s cool to be a little throwback.

What are your thoughts?

Distressed and Burnished Shoes for 2012

When burnished and distressed are mentioned with apparel and footwear it brings images of faded and scratched leathers. A style could have canvas or suede that has been roughed up in some way. In short, the styles look worn like they have been around for decades. This is what the intent is. The resulting style statement is a classic, experienced look. It can be both casual and dressy. It can work with many different outfits and many occasions.

Distressed is in.

Will you include some distressed style in your spring and summer wardrobe?

Jessica Simpson Faran Pump

Jessica Simpson Womens Faran Pump

Buy Now: Jessica Simpson Faran

Jessica Simpson has taken her singing career to a reality TV career to fashion. And she’s succeeded at all of them. Her fashion line is now bringing in over one billion dollars per year. That’s huge. Whoever is working at Jessica Simpson Footwear knows what they’re doing. Here is the Faran, a great looking heel that follows a few of the big trends: distressed, studs, and gray. It’s the perfect style to add some attitude to your look this spring.

Ros Hommerson Maddie Boot

Ros Hommerson Womens Maddie Western Boot

Buy Now: Ros Hommerson Maddie

Ros Hommerson has been coming out with some really cool styles lately. Here is their take on an updated western boot. The Maddie has the classic western style buckle design. It looks like a cross between a biker boot and a cowboy boot. I think it’s a cool style for jeans or perhaps a skirt or dress for the summer of 2012. If your look needs something a little different while falling in line with what’s happening with the distressed trend this could be the boot for you.

Big Buddha Fargo Crossbody Bag

Big Buddha Fargo Crossbody Bag

Buy Now: Big Buddha Fargo

I had to include one of the new bags available on ShoeMall. It’s got a great distressed look. There is the distressed or burnished look that’s really starting to come on strong. This bag has the vintage feel people are looking for in the New Year. You’ll be seeing this style in bags, shoes, and everywhere else too. People are having a little flashback to the ’70s and ’80s and the vintage look is in.


What do you think of the distressed trend for 2012?

Are you going to be purchasing any shoes or clothes with distressed or vintage looks?

Vintage Field image courtesy of y2bk