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Womens Shoe Trends 2012: Ditsy Floral

Floral Dress
Floral is a Big Fashion Trend for 2012

A big trend this year is Ditsy Floral shoes.

In fact, the trend is big across other fashion areas including apparel and accessories. Floral is a throwback trend, but the styles coming out now have modern twists.

The floral patterns take inspiration from the decade of the ’70s. If you ever watched That ’70s Show – which I love – you probably would recognize a few daisy and floral patterns. The female leads on the show were always wearing some top that had floral patterns and even skirts and shoes.

Here are some of of this year’s floral patterns on some of the best brand name shoes.

Women’s Ditsy Floral Shoes for 2012

The floral patterns are taking over all different kinds of shoes. You’ll be able to find ditsy floral on wedges, sandals, casuals and even kids shoes. These are some of the best examples you will find this year for summer ditsy floral shoes.

Or you can check out all the ditsy floral shoes available.

Jessica Simpson Halie

Jessica Simpson Halie

Jessica Simpson has some great pumps. This is one of their signature looks, but they’ve added the floral patterns to match this year’s ditsy floral trend. The bottom and heel also have a stacked wood look for an extra detail that really adds nicely to the overall appeal of the shoe.

Shop: Jessica Simpson Halie

Dr. Martens Page

Dr Martens Page

If you love wearing boots then this ditsy floral option from Dr. Marten’s is the ticket. It’s this year’s trend and you can wear a classic style with an updated appeal.

Shop: Dr. Martens Page

Madeline Girl Wildflower

Madeline Girl Wildflower

This style really takes the floral trend to heart. It’s a great summer shoe from Madeline girl and you’ll really stand out with this pattern.

Shop: Madeline Girl Wildflower

Alegria Donna

Alegria Donna

Here’s something a little different. Alegria and their line of clogs have really become popular. They’ve added floral to their patterns and it’s one of the hottest shoes on the market right now.

Shop: Alegria Donna

Volatile Cupcake

Volatile Cupcake

This style looks like a sandal from the ’70s. It’s cute and comfortable. Perfect for casual occasions this summer.

Shop: Volatile Cupcake

Roxy Pick It Up

Roxy Pick It Up

And here’s one ditsy floral accessory. This backpack is from Roxy. A great choice for this summer.

Shop: Roxy Pick It Up

Image Credit: Floral Dress