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How to Train Your Dragon…Shoes

Kids love adventure.

Kids Adventure

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I was no different. As a kid, I loved pretending I was going on big adventures and saving the world from all sorts of trouble.

Childhood Heroism

During my childhood, my favorite hero movie was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I remember running around the living room with my little brother pretending we were Michelangelo and Leonardo from the Ninja Turtles battling the evil Foot Clan.

Brothers Ninja Turtles

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I’m sure it drove my folks crazy, but they supported the heroic adventures of their two boys by supplying the necessary Ninja Turtle accessories.

I had the shirts, the costumes, and some of the essential toys to make my dreams of heroism seem real.

Ninja Turtles Action Figures

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How to Train Your Dragon Trailer

Today, adventurism is alive and well with kids.

Recently, the creators of the popular movie Shrek released How to Train Your Dragon.

The new movie is based on a series of novels written by Cressida Cowell. The story centers around a young Viking named Hiccup and his quest for belonging in the ancient Viking world.

I’m sure that as parents take their kids to theaters to see the movie there will be lots of pretend dragon capturing and befriending. Kids all over the country and the world will be saving the day as young Vikings.

To help their kids build creativity, parents will stoke the imaginative fires of their kids by providing the essential dragon accessories like Hiccup’s Battle Pack Role Play Set. To save the world, a good hero needs the necessary tools.

Dragon Shoes

To top off the perfect Dragon outfit, check out ROBeeZ Boys 3D Dragon shoes. They’re perfect for future world-saving infants.

Stoke the imaginative fires of your little ones by allowing them to pretend they’re part of the How to Train Your Dragon adventure.

And for more fun, check out all of the great ROBeeZ shoes.

Are you going to see How to Train Your Dragon with your family and friends?

Are you planning on purchasing any merchandise?

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