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Celebrity Dance Off – DWTS Cast Revealed

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There is very little that can be considered a positive interruption when I’m watching The Bachelor. Special championship sports game? No way. Phone call from a friend? Ignored. Commercials? Tolerated because I have no choice. But a live announcement of the contestants on the next season of Dancing with the Stars? That I will watch gladly!

If you’re wondering who was chosen to waltz, jive and tango on Season 12 of the hit show read on! I’ve got the cast listed below. For added fun, I’ve listed them in the order I think they will be kicked off – and included a personalized dance shoe suggestion! Let me know who you think will win in the comment section below.

Mike Catherwood – ‘Psycho Mike’
Maybe it’s because I don’t listen to his radio shows, but I don’t see anyone nicknamed ‘Psycho Mike’ making it too far on DWTS. I’m not sure that he’s mainstream enough to draw many votes on this family oriented show. Dance Shoe Suggestion: etnies Fader Skate Shoe

Coloriffics Gala Sandal

Kendra Wilkinson
I find the E! show Kendra intriguing, but again I’m not sure that this reality star is the right fit for Dancing with the Stars. If she is able to use her athletic and Playboy backgrounds as dance inspiration she may go farther than I think. If not, I think she’ll be out pretty quickly. Dance Shoe Suggestion: Coloriffics Gala Sandal

 Ralph Macchio
I know very little about Ralph, so I’m not quite sure where to place him on this list. He may not have the fan base to keep him on the show for very long – unless of course he is an excellent dancer! If he doesn’t have any moves to fall back on, I’m thinking this Karate Kid will be out fairly quickly. Dance Shoe Suggestion: Tommy Hilfiger Stedman Slip-On

Frye James Penny Loafer

Chris Jericho
With a background in the WWF/WWE, I don’t doubt that Chris has the ability to memorize and follow a dance routine. I do think that he might be too muscular to demonstrate the flexibility required for some of the more artistic dances. Dance Shoe Suggestion: Frye James Penny Loafer

Kirstie Alley
Kirstie’s comedic attitude will help her reach the middle of the pack this season on Dancing with the Stars. I can also see her doing well at artistic dances such as the waltz. I’m not sure that she will fare as well in the more freestyle performances. Dance Shoe Suggestion: Ros Hommerson Sexy Sandal

Not Rated Tough Cookie

Wendy Williams
Wendy is another contestant who will most likely do well because of a loyal group of fans. I’m not aware of much of a dance background, so have to assume that she won’t necessarily have many dance skills to fall back on. Dance Shoe Suggestion: Not Rated Tough Cookie Sandal

Hines Ward
I have somewhat high hopes for Hines. Wide receivers need to have fast feet on the football field, which may benefit him on DWTS. I don’t know enough about his personality to know if he’s comfortable enough to really let loose. If he is, he will go far. Dance Shoe Suggestion: Ecco Atlanta Cap-Toe Oxford 

Chinese Laundry Ivie Sandal

Petra Nemcova
Petra seems graceful and poised, two characteristics that seem to transfer well to ballroom dancing. I predict that she will be one of the final two women left in the competition. Dance Shoe Suggestion: Chinese Laundry Ivie Sandal

Sugar Ray Leonard:
With a boxing background, this athlete seems poised to do well on Season 12 of Dancing with the Stars. He seemed energetic and fun loving last night – a great combination. I expect him to be light on his feet, smooth and graceful. Dance Shoe Suggestion: Giorgio Brutini 21006 Oxford

Steve Madden Vallli Sandal

Chelsea Kane
I know very little about Chelsea Kane, but I think she will do well in this competition. People with musical and acting backgrounds have done well in the past, and Chelsea has both. I predict she will bring grace and energy to the floor and finish the season as the runner-up. Dance Shoe Suggestion: Steve Madden Vallli Sandal

Lil’ Romeo/Romeo
If my memory serves me correctly, I believe Lil’ Romeo was supposed to appear on DWTS a few years ago. After suffering a broken arm, his father Master P appear instead. Fast forward to today and the newly named Romeo is back and ready to compete. I predict his experiences in hip-hop and basketball will bring him a first place finish on Season 12 of Dancing with the Stars. Dance Shoe Suggestion: Rockport Greenbrook Slip-On