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Fergie Footwear

MAGIC Marketplace Spring Show 2014 - Day 2 - "Fergie Footwear" Photocall
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Being a singer used to be enough for most people. Then becoming famous meant having to be a triple threat: singer, actor, and dancer. Today, many celebrities are going far beyond either of those standards to find ways to stand out and get some individual recognition. Some stars are developing their own fashion lines including clothing, perfume, and footwear. Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie is one person leading this trend.

Fergie started by developing her own line of perfume in 2010, and has three different scents to date.  Along with her talent with perfume and singing, she is also developing her own footwear line:Fergie Footwear! Fergie has become dedicated to creating fashion-forward shoes that women will love to wear. One of my favorite parts about her line is that she fully supports her designs by wearing them herself. You know the shoes must be comfortable and cute when the designer is rocking them everywhere she goes!

On Wednesday, February 19th, Fergie was spotted at not one, but two events promoting her footwear – and all without sore feet! She was seen at the Macy’s Fashion Show Mall and MAGIC Marketplace Spring Show, both which took place in Las Vegas. She wore her own shoes at both events and was happy to sign autographs.

When Fergie was at the MAGIC Marketplace Spring Show, she rocked a super comfortable-looking outfit. She wore skintight alligator-print leather black pants, with a zebra printed grey top, matching floor-length sweater, and adorable gladiator grey cutout heels. She looked stunning!

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Fergie Ryan (Women’s)

Fergie Ryan (Women's)







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What an adorable pair of gladiator heels! These heels have both spring and summer in mind with their amazing cutouts. Have no fear – these heels are offered in three colors (black, brown, and denim) so you can wear them with any outfit, too.

Fergie Talisha (Women’s)

Fergie Talisha (Women's)







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Attention-grabber is the perfect phrase to describe these heels! They are sure to be the talk of all your friends. The elegant style and unique design are perfect for your special night out. That’s right – get dressed up in head-to-toe glamour!

Fergie Alive (Women’s)

Fergie Alive (Women's)







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Fun in the sun is what this wedge sandal was made for! Wear this wedge while you are out shopping for the day or when you go out at night. Either way, your feet will be comfortable and will look great! Go ahead and try something new and exciting.


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