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Western is Back in Style for Footloose

Everybody cut, everybody cut.

Footloose 2011 BootsYou remember the song. Even if you’ve never seen the original movie, Footloose, you probably have heard the song. It was back in 1984 when Kevin Bacon hit the big screen in the classic dance movie. The hit song of the same name was performed by Kenny Loggins and both the movie and the song have become classics from the ’80s.

Now it’s 2011 and Hollywood has a remake of the movie ready for theaters this fall. The remake will feature some of today’s bright young stars in a more country setting. The remake will have some of the same songs too with a few of today’s biggest country stars offering their versions of the classics.

It also looks like there is positive buzz building around the movie and it should be a fun and entertaining flick.

Western Boots are Back in Footloose 2011

By the looks of the trailer and a few still shots from the set it appears western style is back in fashion. The folks from the cast can be seen wearing the latest version of cowboy boots.

I’m pretty excited to see a little more influence from the cowboy world in today’s fashion outlets. Western has always been a part of pop culture it seems and every once in a while the style becomes a bit more mainstream.

I don’t know that we’ll see cowboy boots everywhere this fall, but you can probably count on seeing a bit more interesting boots out and about.

There are a few trends and modern twists on the classic stylings that might interest you. You’ll see some accents like studs, sparkles, and even sketching or tattooing on the boots. It’s really fun and outgoing and really makes you stand out from everybody else.

Here are a few of the new styles that will be popular this fall and winter season.

Grazie Hopie Boot

Grazie Womens Hopie Boot

Shop: Grazie Hopie

This style is a lower profile cowgirl boot. The accents near the top make it perfect for wearing with summer wear. You can show off the studs and sparkle out on the dance floor. It’s great for a variety out of outfits and works well in the city and out in the country.

Ariat Corazon Boot

Ariat Womens Corazon Boot

Shop: Ariat Corazon Boot

Ariat has been a big name in boots for a long time. This modern twist is a great style for showing off your country side. The detailing on the boot give it a perfect charm to make you stand out from the others this season. It’s a little classic style mixed with just the right amount of updated details – a great style for a few different occasions.

Volatile Houston Boot

Volatile Womens Houston Boot

Shop: Volatile Houston

Here’s a very modern style western boot. The heel is high to raise you up above the crowd. This style is rocking with plenty of attitude to match your style. There is plenty of sass here and fits right in with a few of the styles worn in the new Footloose movie.

Flashback: Original Footloose Trailer

Check out those fashions from back in 1984. Maybe we should do a post on a few of the styles that are still popular 27 years later 🙂