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Get Smart with a Shoe Phone

I wasn’t around to watch the original Get Smart in the 1960s, but I definitely remember loving this comedy on Nick at Nite when I was younger.Although I can’t recall much about the plot or specific episodes, the signature shoe phone is certainly hard to forget!


Paul Gardner-Stephen from Australia seems to think so.According to, he and a friend have created a working shoe phone based on the one used in Get Smart. It was created for use in a play, but received so much attention that Gardner-Stephen is thinking about setting up a website and selling them to the general public. (For those of you who are wondering – yes. You do actually have to take your shoe off and put the sole to your ear before using this phone.)

What do you think? Would this be something that people would actually use? Or have cell phones made this product unnecessary?

For more information, including Gardner-Stephen’s other shoe ideas, click here.