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Glee Graduates

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Ryan Murphy, one of the creators of the hit shoe Glee, announced a piece of semi-sad news within the past couple of days. According to The Clicker on Today, the current glee club members from McKinley High may be leaving the show in the near future!

At first glance, I was caught off-guard by the news. Why would they remove a cast of characters that has so obviously created a huge hit for Fox? Reading on, the revelation made sense: barring scholastic failure, how can an entire group of teens stay in high school for more than four years? Aside from the obvious logical mess this would create, the actors aren’t going to stay young looking forever. As Murphy put it, “There’s nothing more depressing than a high schooler with a bald spot.”

All in all, this actually seems like a no-brainer to me. However, I would expect that a few core characters would be written into the show even after graduation. Maybe as music students at a local college? Student teachers looking to spread the joy of singing to a younger generation? Possible love interests for young teachers? Or (gasp!) new leaders/assistants at rival glee clubs! Unless the creators are able to find underclassmen with the same charisma and star-power of the original cast, I doubt they’ll be able to do an entire replacement and keep their high ratings.

What fun plot twists can you see coming as graduating members of the original cast are written back into the show post high school? Do you think Murphy will be able to keep his word and banish the current stars forever by 2012?

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