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Gothic Glamour

Snow White and the Huntsman

Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron star as the famous Snow White and infamous Queen Ravenna. Their movie style on and off screen is gothic-inspired and nothing short of fabulous. I would deem their style: Gothic Glamour.

Think Rock’n’Roll meets English royalty. Dark, powerful colors, romantic lace, metallic details, and classic feminine elegance define their wardrobe choices from head to toe.

Here are my Gothic Glamour picks found on

The Queen

Chinese Laundry Women's Area Pump

Charlize and Kristen have both been rocking a lot of pointed-toe shoes. This classic pump by Chinese Laundry is as delectable as a red apple, and will elongate your legs and give any outfit a fierce pop of color.

Chinese Laundry Women’s Area Pump
Style #192756


Steve Madden Women's Playy-R Pump

Nothing says glamorous evil queen like some crystal studding on the heel of this Steven Madden pump. Wear these to elevate any outfit from elegant to extravagant!

Steve Madden Women’s Playy-R Pump
Style #192850

Franco Sarto Women's Paddy Sandal 

I love this gold sandal by Franco Sarto for its queen-like elegance. While this gold sandal gives the wearer a benevolent look, the toe has a black snakeskin detail that reveals the darkness inside.<

Franco Sarto Women’s Paddy Sandal
Style #190268


Snow White


Michael Antonio Women's Louie Pump

This two-tone capped-toe pump by Michael Antonio is worthy of any warrior princess. A slightly rounded toe and suede-like upper adds some softness to an otherwise fierce piece of footwear.

Michael Antonio Women’s Louie Pump
Style #194166


Steve Madden Women's Haadly Sandal

Who’s the fairest of them all? This high-heeled sandal by Steven Madden is! Romantic lace and beading cover this platform heel and would be a welcome addition at any ball.

Steve Madden Women’s Haadly Sandal
Style #192839


Not Rated Women's Egyptian Lover Sandal

Snow White is not your typical fairytale princess. Chain-link sandals by Not Rated are a must-have for battle training with the Huntsman.

Not Rated Women’s Egyptian Lover Sandal
Style #192258

Image Credit: Snow White & the Huntsman