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The Wolfpack is Back…and Styling

The Wolfpack is Back.

Hangover Part II PosterThat’s the statement made in the first official teaser trailer for The Hangover Part II. The entire gang is back for another day after a binge adventure. Only a few details are out. The guys apparently head to Bangkok for Stu’s wedding. We can only guess things get interesting one night and Doug goes missing.

You’ll also notice a new cast member in the trailer. It looks like the guys will have a need additional member of the Wolfpack.

I’m laughing just watching this short clip…

The Hangover Part II Official Trailer

Bradley Cooper in The Hangover 2

The entire gang of actors is back from the first movie.

Funny and weird Zach Galifianakis looks sharp in the trailer with his golden retriever t-shirt reminiscent to the shirts worn by Napoleon Dynamite.

Ed Helms returns to the crew with his quirky demeanor and a new tattoo. It looks very similar to the one Mike Tyson has been sporting for the last ten years or so. I hope there’s some kind of back story about the tattoo or even another appearance by Iron Mike in the second installment.

Justin Bartha is back on the cast list although I don’t see him in the trailer. Looks like they lost him again.

Liam Neeson is in the cast – not yet in the trailer. That should be interesting.

Bradley Cooper seemed to the standout star in the first movie…at least for the women in the audience. He was the stylish one in the first Hangover and now from the little short clip of the second it looks like he’s styling again.

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