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Katniss Everdeen Makes Tall Brown Boots Attractive

The Hunger Games Brown Boot
The Hunger Games Brown Boot

Have you seen The Hunger Games?

Maybe you’ve read the book or maybe you’ve read the book and seen the movie. You’ll have to let me know your thoughts on both.

There has been a lot of discussion about the movie for the last few months. There was the build up to the release and by now just about everyone in the world has seen it in the theaters. The movie has become one of the biggest of all time. It’s certainly been a hit with all age groups and demographics.

Now we’re getting close to the release date for the DVD and I’m sure the buzz will kick back up.

One question that has been going around concerns the tall brown lace-up boots the main character, Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence), was wearing. After doing some searching we found them and a few complementary styles.

Frye Campus Lug Boot

Frye Campus Lug Boot

Here are the ones from the movie. The boots from The Hunger Games. Are you ready for the adventure of your life? These boots are great. It’s a fashion statement you’ll want to make this year.

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If you’re looking for more Frye boots there are some great styles like these two.

Frye Jenna Boot

Frye Jenna Boot

Here is another little twist on the tall brown lace-up boots. These are also from Frye and the contrast lacing and buckle accents make it even more stylish and interesting.

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Frye Lucy Boot

Frye Lucy Boot

If you’re interested in something a little lower then these Lucy boots from Frye are great. You still get the same look, but in a little different style. It’s classy and cool and certainly something that will turn some heads.

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Now, if you’re looking for something similar you can’t go wrong with these three styles. They’re a little lighter on the pocketbook so you can actually wear them without worrying about getting a little dirt on the bottom.

Keen Bern Baby Bern

Keen Bern Baby Bern Boot

Keen makes great footwear. This style is a great boot with some cool details. It’s sleek looking and will go great with a variety of apparel. You can wear it into the fall and feel like you’re on top of the fashion world.

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Steve Madden Banddit

Steve Madden Banddit Boot

Here’s a great boot from Steve Madden. The straps and buckles add to the style. It’s cool and adds some edge to your look. Pick this one up and get ready to ride out the rest of summer in style.

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Sbicca Collins

Sbicca Collins Boot

The Collins from Sbicca is priced under $100 and still  has some of the cool looks of the other boots on the page. It’s a great option for your collection this season.

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Image Credit: The Hunger Games