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Travel The World in Jambu Shoes

Adventure in the Rainforest

There is a new shoe company making news in the footwear industry.

Jambu shoes has been around for a few years, but with each passing moment more people are discovering the advantages of interesting details about the brand and its shoes. You may not have heard of Jambu just yet, but chances are you will in the near future. The style and story is getting told by all kinds of people looking for something unique for their footwear.

The Inspiration for Jambu

Jambu was started with inspiration from the rainforest. The patterns, design, and materials are all mindful of the impact the fashion industry has on the Earth and the people that inhabit it. Also taking inspiration from the rainforest and the outdoors is the functionality of Jambu shoes. With most pairs, you can feel comfortable taking your own adventures. You can travel the world in comfort, style, and functionality with Jambu shoes.

The trouble with an adventure getaway is that you have to take different footwear for different settings. You need your outdoor shoes and then something that can work in a restaurant later in the day. With Jambu, you can go for that hike or take that trail ride along the trail by the river. The shoes are durable and functional, but also cute and appealing for evenings out after a long day. The shoes work with khakis, shorts, jeans, and a variety of adventure-type apparel.

All packaging used by Jambu is recyclable and re-usable. The soles are re-usable rubber as well. It’s a great nod to the outdoors where these shoes are meant to be.

When planning your next outdoor adventure far away from home, remember Jambu shoes.

Jambu Shoes for You

Now that you have a little background on the Jambu brand it makes sense to do a little shopping. Here are some of the great styles offered by Jambu starting with one of their newest offerings.

Jambu Cinnamon

Jambu Cinnamon

This is one of the latest styles from Jambu shoes. The sandal is perfect for a variety of casual and even dress occasions. The sole offers much support and stability as well and is great for traveling.

Shop: Jambu Cinnamon

Jambu Touring Vegan

Jambu Touring

This cute style is great for the explorer. You can slip these on and off with ease when you’re out traveling the world. And you’ll be traveling in style as well.

Shop: Jambu Touring Vegan

Jambu Water Diva Vegan

Jambu Water Diva

This is your true adventure shoe. You can wear this anywhere on your world vacation and exploration adventure. It’s 100% vegan-friendly and is perfect for anything you’re attempting in the outdoors.

Shop: Jambu Water Diva Vegan

Image Credit: Rainforest