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Jesse McCartney Shakes His Shoes

Jesse McCartney is back with a new single and video.

The song is Shake and it’s been shaking up the charts for a couple months. Now the video is shaking up the web and television as Jesse shakes with some girls.

If you look close you’ll notice some recently popular shoes and footwear in the video.

Jesse McCartney Shoes

Jesse McCartney Shake ShoesJesse is sporting a nice suit. It’s a classic look with some sharp dress shoes as well.

For dress occasions it’s important to have a great pair of black dress shoes. For guys it’s necessary for all occasions requiring a nice outfit. People notice shoes so make sure you look sharp at those business meetings, weddings, and social events.

Steve Madden Raddley

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Steve Madden Raddley

This is a classic black dress shoe for men. It’s a great lace up style that will always be a great match with dress apparel. You can wear it with khakis or with a suit. Be sure to shine them up regularly to get that extra shine.

PF Flyers Center Lo

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Gray Sneakers

Keep it cool in these low profile gray sneakers from PF Flyers. The classic look never seems to go out of style. The comfort of wearing sneakers makes them an everlasting fashion trend.

Boots and Straps

Jesse McCartney SneakersThe girls in the video are sporting some of the season’s hottest shoes. The trends this season have been over the knee boots and even strappy shoes.

These styles will remain popular heading into 2011.

Fergalicious Partytime Boot

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Fergalicious Partytime Boot

These boots are sure to get some attention out on the dance floor. I’m not entirely sure how easy it is to dance in these but the girls in the video can do it. I’m sure you can too. And you can bet you’ll be looking your best.

Report Signature Ditmar

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These shoes have been trending since last spring and they’re still going strong. The style will continue to be popular heading into 2011 and the summer months. The black pair goes with anything and makes you look smashing. Check them out.

Shake – Jesse McCartney