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Jessica Simpson, Ken Paves – The Price of Beauty

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Every week I have a bunch of television shows that are automatically set-up to record on my DVR, and of course,  Oprah is one of them! This past weekend I had some time to catch up on some episodes and one that I especially liked featured Jessica Simpson and her new reality series that premiered last night, “Jessica Simpson’s The Price of Beauty” on VH1. I’ve always been a big fan of Jessica, her music, and of course… her shoes, but this side of her was intense and I think she is raising a great awareness for us to see what is happening out there in the real world.

On The Price of Beauty, Jessica, and her two best friends, Cacee Cobb and celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves, traveled to seven different nations to see what lengths women will go to in the name of beauty. It is heart wrenching at times to actually believe some cultures beliefs and the price people will actually pay to be beautiful in their own minds. If you missed the premiere last night you can watch the full epidsode, deleted scenes and bonus clips on VH1’s website. I find this piece fascinating and will be tuning in throughout the season, go ahead and check it out!

Jessica Simpson Heathery $89.95

On a lighter note, Jessica has some really cute new sandals out this season! Although it was hard to narrow it down, my top two Jessica Simpson shoes are the Heathery sandal for $89.95 and the Jeko sandal for $69.95, both in tan. Tan is going to be my new black this summer… I can tell already by my choices! 🙂