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Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey Engaged – To Other People

Exes Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey are both newly engaged – but not to each other! Nick Lachey proposed to Vanessa Minnillo, his girlfriend of four years, earlier this month. Jessica Simpson and her football player boyfriend Eric Johnson announced their engagement over the weekend. The pair has been dating about six months.

Both ladies have already been photographed sporting their new babbles. Vanessa’s rock is a more traditional diamond, while Jessica’s ring features a ruby as its centerpiece. Although both are unique, I must admit I’m really loving the look of Vanessa’s new piece of jewelry!

As nice as it is that Jessica and Nick have both recovered from their tumultuous marriage, a part of me is sad to see the pair moving on. I used to love watching Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica  on MTV. The two seemed to be a great fit for each other at the time. Their shared celebrity backgrounds showed they had a lot in common, while their differences served to ensure their lives were never boring. It’s too bad that their love story had to end. A part of me hopes that Rebecca Macatee’s recent wistful prediction on PopEater comes true: ‘Because for every Jessica, there’s a Nick, and I know it seems far off, but I’m betting one day the originals fall right back in love again.’

What do you think? Do you think either bride-to-be will end up in Jessica Simpson shoes on her wedding day?