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What’s a Bieber?

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I have no plans to give in to ‘Bieber Fever,’ but I do find Justin Bieber intriguing. He sure has a lot of confidence for a 16 year-old. And why wouldn’t he? He’s a huge pop star, protégé of Usher and world renowned teen heartthrob. His latest adventure? A new 2011 Super Bowl commercial for Best Buy also featuring Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon.

I had heard rumors that this commercial was going to be awkward. What was Best Buy thinking combining such different personalities in one commercial? Once the game started and we got to see the spot, I realized I couldn’t disagree more with this sentiment. Justin’s self-deprecating humor (love him telling the Osbournes a Bieber looks like a girl) and Ozzy’s alleged cluelessness (aimlessly wandering in the background of Justin’s scene) played well together. Although I can’t say that I’ve been convinced to run over to Best Buy and start a shopping spree, I do think the company will generate a lot of buzz with the strange but sweet pairing of Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne.

Bonus: Justin Bieber on The Daily Show: