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Kids in 2011: Using iPads Before Learning How to Tie Shoes

Kids these days.

Every generation of kids seems to be more advanced in technology and advancement than the previous generation. I don’t remember exactly what I was doing when I was four years old. I can imagine I was coloring in coloring books, throwing toys around the house, and probably riding my big wheel.

Kids in 2011: Using iPads

Today’s kids though are much more advanced. A recent study shows that more kids know how to use an iPad than know how to tie their shoes.

According to a survey of 2,200 mothers commissioned by software maker AVG Technologies, 14 percent of kids aged 4 to 5 could tie their shoes — compared to 21 percent who knew how to use a smartphone or iPad application.

Among kids aged 2 to 5, 52 percent knew how to ride a bike, while 58 percent could play a computer game and 69 percent could operate a computer mouse. Twenty percent knew how to swim, but 25 percent could open a Web browser.

Pretty crazy.

Even Suri Cruise – daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise knows how to fire up the iPad.

Suri Cruise Loves Her iPad

Life & Style reports that 4-year-old Suri kept herself busy playing games on her iPad while out for dinner at New York’s Il Cantinori restaurant last week with her parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Using an iPad is pretty easy to learn for most people, but it seems the sponge-like mind of a toddler has the ability to pick up on how to play games, how to solve puzzles and how to use the learning applications on iPads and smartphones.

I’m not too worried that kids aren’t learning the basic skills in life like riding a bike or tying their shoes. In fact, I think this data shows the potential kids have to absorb information when they’re young.

I certainly think a kid should learn how to tie their shoes, but if kids can pick up on using technology so well maybe there is more they could be learning.

What do you think about the kids these days?

Are they learning to use technology too early?

And besides, even if kids don’t learn how to tie their shoes before they’re 4 there are plenty of kids velcro shoes to go around.