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Courting a Kardashian – Kim’s Newest Boyfriend?

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Our local radio station had a contest this week. The winner was the first person to call in and correctly guess the birthday Kim Kardashian recently celebrated. I was surprised to find out that she had turned 30!  Don’t get me wrong, thirty is not old.  I just always thought she was younger than that because of the lifestyle she leads – fun, fashion, parties, shopping and relationships all documented for public consumption.

And speaking of relationships, it looks like this Kardashian sister may be working on a new romance! Although reps are denying it, is reporting that Kim has been spending a lot of time with a surprising partner – Kayne West. They’ve been together a lot this past week, including for a dinner date, Kim’s birthday yachting celebration and Kayne’s recent movie premiere. Could they be Hollywood’s next power couple? Only time will tell!

Naughty Monkey Entourage Pump

One thing that is already very obvious – when it comes to style, Kim Kardashian definitely has her own look. Nowhere is this more apparent than her footwear fashion!  Whether it’s spiked pumps (as she recently wore to her 30th birthday party) or black peep-toe ankle boots (see picture above), Kim always has on a pair of high heels. In fact, as OMG from Yahoo is reporting, Kim recently took to the lanes in a pair of high heel Louboutins. That’s right – she went bowling in designer pumps! Personally, I don’t think I could pull this off. My bowling game suffers enough in plain old flats, thank you very much!

Luichiny Nicka Bee Bootie

If you like Kim’s bowling heels, I have to recommend the Naughty Monkey Entourage Pump. I love the heel detail on this one – very fun! (Bowling ball not included.) If you’re into the black peep-toe ankle boots from the picture above, check out the Luichiny Nicka Bee Bootie. (Yes, I do realize that Kim’s ankle boots also have an ankle strap. I just don’t really like this detail, so I’m choosing to ignore it!)

R2 Elroy Boot

One thing I can’t ignore is  Khloe’s hot over the knee boot. The R2 Elroy Boot is a great match for this look – and currently priced at only $109.95!  If you’re looking to get onboard for only one footwear trend this season, the over the knee boot has got to be it.  If you’re scared off by the heel height on this option, try something with no heel – you won’t regret it! The Rampage Kourtney Boot is very similar to the Elroy but without the sky-high stiletto.

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