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Lace-Up Boots a Big Trend in 2012

Yellow Lace-Up Boot
Lace-Up Boots Back in Style

Do you own a pair of lace-up boots?

The lace-up boot trend is back in fashion for 2012.

Women and men both will find that lace-up boots of all sizes, heights and colors are in style this year. Men are wearing them with dark jeans, but there’s a catch; you have to wear them outside the jeans or with rolled up cuffs on the bottom. This look is in right now for 2012.

Women are adding boots to regular styles like jeans and pants as well, but you can also wear the latest high lace-up boots with skirts and even dresses. The boots add a little extra edge to regular apparel and can really show off your rugged and unique style.

Do you want an even more trendy style?

Try lace-up boots with colored laces. You could try the traditional red laces with black boots or go for something even more bold like neon green over brown or pink over blue. There are a variety of options to try.

If you like lace-up boots and still have a pair tucked back in the closet now is the time to pull them out because the style is back in fashion.

Lace-Up Boots for 2012

I can’t remember how longs it’s been since lace-up boots have been in style, but I remember the trend. For 2012, though, people seem more bold. By rolling up the cuffs on their pants, folks are really showing off their laced boots this season. The style makes a statement about your personality and really shows others your edge.

Women’s Lace-Up Boots

Women are really taking on the trend of lace-ups this year. The boots are being seen all over and with a variety of styles. Here are two examples of the boot trend.

Frye Vera

Frye Vera

The Frye Vera has an updated look that brings the classic lace-up boot back to life. The laces are a main focal point, but you also notice the unique heel that adds some edge to this casual style.

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Bandolinio AMUSTHAVE

Here’s another heeled boot from Bandolino. The style includes a little extra accessory with the belt and buckle near the toe. It’s a fun style that can work well with a dress or skirt.

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Men’s Lace-Up Boots

Men like the ruggedness of boots. They offer something a little more manly than the typical casual shoe. There is something about a boot that breeds confidence. Here are two classic styles.

Frye James Lug Wingtip

 Frye James Lug Wingtip

Frye is always on par with the latest trends in boots. Here is a great style for guys if you’re looking to really stand out and roll up the cuffs on those jeans.

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Stacy Adams Madison

 Stacy Adams Madison

This classic from Stacy Adams has been around for a long time. It’s not a matter of when this boot is in style. It’s a matter of when people realize that it’s a timeless classic.

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