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Lindsay Lohan’s Day in Court – In $1200 Shoes

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Per Lindsay Lohan was sent back to jail this morning after failing a recent drug test.  Her latest legal issues stem from her DUI trial from earlier this summer.  Lindsay seems to be making more of an effort this time around to own up to her problems and try to work her way through them.  Here’s hoping that she’s able to get the help she needs to overcome her personal problems and make a triumphant return to the big screen.

MIA Viking Sandal

Regardless of her troubles, I do admire Lindsay’s fashion sense.  She has a personal style all her own, managing to pull off trendy looks no matter where she’s headed.  She showed up to the courthouse this morning wearing a modest yet modern lace top and pleated skirt, along with a $1200 pair of shoes. Yes, you did read that correctly. is reporting that Lindsay Lohan was wearing a pair of Christian Louboutin Madame Butterfly Booties. The same shoes would cost you $1,195 (see site for photos). (I wonder if Lindsay would be able to keep those shoes with her in jail!) Lucky for you, you can score a similar look in a wedge heel for only $69.95 with the MIA Viking Sandal.

Unlisted Rest My Case Bootie

Recently, Lindsay also seems to be playing with layers and neutral colors.  Her longstanding relationship with leggings remains strong, and she’s tying this trend in with over the knee boots and stylish shooties.  She’s also jumping on the bootie bandwagon, as evidenced by the picture above. This shot was taken on a recent visit to the Santa Monica Courthouse, where she sported a pair of booties.  Knowing the price of her most recent shoe choice, I think it’s safe to say that these shoes cost a pretty penny!

Madden Girl Raleigh Bootie

If you don’t have a celebrity size budget to work with when it comes to filling your closet, don’t worry!  I found a couple of great options to keep your feet looking great.  The best part is that both pairs of shoes retail for under $60!  Option one is the Unlisted Rest My Case Bootie, available for only $59.95.  Option two is the Madden Girl Raleigh Bootie, retailing for $49.95. (I’ve actually been thinking about getting this one for myself!)

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