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Loafers Influencing Women’s Footwear for 2012

Have you noticed a few more loafers on people’s feet?

Business MeetingIf you’ve been looking at women’s feet for the past few weeks you may be noticing an interesting style trend. Loafers are working their way back into fashion. In fact, all styles like the penny, bit, and lace loafer are all becoming part of the latest footwear trend. Women everywhere are starting to wear loaf heels, loafer flats, and perhaps even in the spring we’ll see some loafer sandals.

It’s a loafer world and people are getting excited.

The style is throwback to an earlier era. Karrie highlighted the move toward ’60s fashion a few days ago. She was right on the money. Last month Karrie also mentioned back to work styles and included a popular loafer.

Get ready for some loafers. They’re back in fashion.

Women’s Loafers for 2012

What are your thoughts on loafers?

Have you purchased a pair in the past? If you’re thinking about picking up a new pair now is the time. Cute loafers are being released by all the great brands. Loafers are great choices for a variety of occasions including casual, jean-wearing instances. Loafers can also be worn for business settings. They’re great for adding a little bit of dress-casual style for more relaxed work settings.

The loafer is versatile and will be part of many outfits in 2012.

Here are a few of the latest loafer shoes…

Enzo Angiolini Balinia

Enzo Angiolini Womens Balinia Pump

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This bright red loafer pump from Enzo is a great choice to liven up any outfit. You can add some splash and sass to the usual business attire. You can walk into meetings feeling good as you know you’re rocking the best shoes in the room. They’re red for flair and comfortable as well. Plus you have the unique aspect of having loafers. You can’t lose with these.

Poetic Licence Orient

Poetic Licence Womens Orient Express Pump

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This isn’t your usual loafer. This is something unique. The tie feature on the toe is something you won’t see on every shoe. You can be sure you’ll be unique with this look. The style is from Poetic Licence. They’ve been coming out with some really great shoes. They’re a well-known brand and women are loving it. The company is now getting into the loafer game and catching on with this hot trend. Check them out for Spring 2012.

MIA Nolen

Mia Womens Nolen Pump

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The more rugged or lugged style is really popular. This trend goes back to last year, but it’s been popular ever since and will continue in 2012. This style from MIA is a new shoe that’s out. It highlights both the rugged look and the penny loafer look. Women are really loving this style for cold-weather days at the office. This will give you some traction (even though the heel is high) and make a really great statement about your fashion sense.


What are your thoughts on loafers?

Yay or Nay?

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