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Love, Drugs, and Stylish Fashion

It’s the night before Thanksgiving and for me that means date night.

My girlfriend and I are heading to the movies and the one we’re seeing is Love and Other Drugs. You’ve probably seen a few of the trailers on TV.

Love and Other Drugs

Love and Other Drugs
Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

I have to admit that at first glance I was thinking this was just another love story movie with a lot of joyful tears and screams for joy. I probably would have been fine with that but I keep reading reviews that this movie is unique.

I checked out the trailer and have seen the spots on TV ads and all that’s left is to check it out.

Jake Gyllenhaal Shoes

The movie centers around the Jake Gyllenhaal character. He’s a young professional at the turn of the 21st century. He gets a gig selling the drug of the century – Viagra. Since coming out, Viagra has been a winner with patients and has brought smiles to the faces of millions of people all over the world.

How hard could it be to sell such a drug?

Being a young professional there is certainly a little style involved. In the movie it looks like Jake’s character likes his suits and ties.

There are the classic colors like blue shirts, white shirts, dark blue jackets, black jackets, red ties, striped ties, and more.

Because I’m crazy I always notice the shoes actors and actresses wear in movies. In this particular one it’s required for a young professional to have the best looking dress shoes available.

You can see above that Jake is wearing what appear to be some stylish brown suede shoes. They resemble the reasonably priced Kirk from Rocket Dog.

Rocket Dog Kirk

Shop: Rocket Dog Kirk

Rocket Dog Kirk

Are you planning on seeing Love and Other Drugs?

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