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Mark Wahlberg Reminds Men About Rugged Boots

Contraband Movie PosterWho loves action movies?

I’m a big fan of the popcorn movie. Anytime you can entertain me for 90 minutes with nonstop action and excitement I’ll gladly hand over $10 (or is it $15 now?). I love heading to a movie theater and getting ready for explosions, chases, and other action-packed scenes.

I’m also a big fan of the heist movie. I’m talking about the Oceans 11 series, The Italian Job, Gone in 60 Seconds, and many others. And since we’re on the topic of The Italian Job, it seems Mark Wahlberg is back with another heist movie.

Wahlberg will be back on the big screen with the new movie, Contraband. The movie is about an ex-thief (Wahlberg) that’s pulled back into the world of crime. His family is having struggles and Mark must go back to stealing in order to make things right.

Sure, the plot isn’t entirely original, but that’s not what’s all that important. Give me excitement on the screen with a new way of telling and showing the story and I’ll be happy.

And there’s another thing about action movies – the gear.

Mark Wahlberg Brings Back Rugged Boots

When Mark Wahlberg is in an action movie he’s usually sporting some rugged boots. A good hero needs to have the right gear in order to take down the bad guys or in this case – to steal from the good guys. I’m thinking back to the movie Shooter where Wahlberg played a sniper that was able to steer clear of the CIA agents chasing him down. Mark had boots on the entire time, I believe, and nobody was ever getting close to him.

How much did the boots have to do with his escape success? I can’t say for sure, but they look cool and I’m sold on needing them for less action-packed outings like working in the garage or stacking firewood.

Here are a few options for rugged boots if you’re looking for something cool.

Calvin Klein Jeans Ellery Boot

Calvin Klein Ellery

Calvin Klein is a versatile brand. You’ll find great dress shoes, but you’ll also find great rugged boots like the Ellery. It’s a great boot for that casual, rugged look. It’s great with jeans or even a pair of khakis. The boots are also durable and function too for those days when you’re working outside.

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Keen Revel Boot

Keen Revel

Here is a more outdoors boot from Keen. The Revel is perfect for hiking, trekking, and other outdoor activities. This boot is ready to work. It’s durable, functional, and comfortable. Keen is well known for their comfort shoes and the quirky style of their shoes is starting to become more popular as well.

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Timberland Classic 6 Inch Boot

Timberland Black Boot

The Timberland boot is a classic. It’s perfect for multiple situations. You can wear it with jeans and it will look good for dress-casual occasions and you can take it off road and get some work done as well. The style hasn’t changed in years and there’s no reason to update the perfect rugged boot.

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